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Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – the sequel to Graceling and companion to Fire is new on our shelves.
Bitterblue became queen at 10 years old, after her father, a violent sociopath who could make people believe lies, was killed. Now that she’s eighteen she’s beginning to question how her kingdom is being run and how much she should trust her advisers. She begins to sneak out of the castle at night and walk the streets of her city. There she meets Saf, a boy with secrets of his own. Bitterblue finds that her father’s influence is still affecting the lives of the people in her kingdom. bitterblue cover.jpg

I Read Too

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So Get Reading!

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Across the Universe

Author Beth Revis.
across the universe.jpg
Seventeen-year-old Amy leaves Earth to join her parents on the spaceship Godspeed. They are all frozen and expect to wake up in 300 years. But Amy is unfrozen fifty years too early – someone has tried to kill her. She must figure out who it is and stop them before her parents are killed. Can she trust Elder, the next to rule the ship? And is she falling for him? What exactly is happening on Godspeed?

I am the Messenger by Martin Zusak

I recently read and loved “I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak. It’s a deep, witty story about a nineteen year old nothing who, when he inadvertently stops a bankrobbery and starts receiving playing cards with messages on them in the mail, is chosen to care. Zusak’s writing style is unique and filled with a dark, dry humor that makes nearly every sentence interesting to read. The book is amazingly good not only for the story, but for the way it is written, and I highly recommend not only “I Am the Messenger” but also any other of Zusak’s work.
Reviewed by Samantha Solero


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